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Retrowave endless runner Mesh Dash is coming to Android

Qugart Games has billed Mesh Dash as a hardcore-casual endless runner game. It’s coming to Android devices soon, and you can currently pre-register on Google Play. It’s an endless runner where you bounce a ball through a retro-futuristic synthwave metropolis (in layman’s terms that means a nice shiny ‘80s-style arcade game). You use two fingers […]

Pokemon Masters EX’s latest Legendary Arena event is now live and will see players battling Tapu Bulu

Following a series of repeated events in the Legendary Arena of late, Pokemon Masters Ex has now introduced a new powerful Pokemon to take on. This will be Tapu Bulu, one of the Legendary Pokemon from Sun And Moon. The Land Spirit Pokemon will be available to battle against from today until November 25th, giving […]

Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 12, Going Dark, gets underway and introduces Night Mode

Call of Duty Mobile recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with a matching season. But that commemorative occasion has been and gone so the mobile first-person shooter has now moved on to season 12 which is called Going Dark. This season will see the addition of night time maps. Here players will need to use night […]

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